Hello! We’re sure you’re wondering what a ‘full service’ production company is and why we’re any different from the many other companies you’ve probably already checked out on the way to us. 

Full service is how we like to describe the way we take on your project as if it’s our project. We work with you right from the start to not only understand what you’d like your video to look like but most importantly what you need it to do for you. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients to deliver the results they need using video and a full service is exactly what we provide; from our core and highly rated video production, animation and editing services to script writing, voice-over talent sourcing, photography, drone operation, subtitling, the list goes on. 

So forget the endless Googling for inspiration and answers, if there’s anything more you need to know why not just give us a call directly. We’ll answer your questions, offer ideas, examples of similar projects and even help you come up with a strategy of where to use your video for the best results once you’ve signed it off. 

We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to get started! 

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We find that our services are best explained when split into the following four areas; Marketing ContentDocumentaries, Communications and Event Coverage – but that’s really only to explain our services in the simplest terms. Every project we work on has crossovers – adverts with documentary style story telling, internal communications which feature footage from an event, etc. 

The most important thing to know is what do you want this new video content to do for you? Once we’ve helped you to answer that question you can rely on us to put together some great production ideas, recommend filming styles, create platform specific content such as short and to-the-point versions for social media, subtitling for event showings and to promote accessibility, we have a great cast of voiceover talent to chose from, logo and branding animation, as well as many other options to make your content stand out. 

So whether you already know what you want or you need some advice, chances are we can help and we’ll do a great job with it too.


There are no silly questions.

The questions you have right now are probably those we’re asked every day. We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions to get you started but if your question isn’t here then save your time and ask us instead. We operate a straight talking, jargon free and no obligation approach, which we expect is exactly what you’re after.  

Of course, we’re not expecting you to have everything in place before you contact us, far from it.

We often work with complete beginners; those who know that video content will help but don’t know the next steps to take, as well as experienced clients who have an exact plan and lots of confidence commissioning content.

We ask you to imagine your film is complete, what problem does it solve? What does it look like? and what does it include? From there we’ll work backwards, answering any questions, offering ideas and suggesting similar videos to help you imagine what we’re planning to produce for you.

We keep you in the loop from start to finish, updating you on where we are with planning, booking dates and editing so that you’re part of the process and completely up to speed on what’s going on.

Firstly, we’ll consider your end goal and what your target audience will want to see. If that happens to be your day to day environment then great, but if it needs something extra then we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve.

Animation is great way to illustrate a message. Take our advert for SuperSubbie as an example. This fast paced, voiceover led advert shows you why you should sign up and what the benefits are without seeing the day to day activities of the client.

Another approach is to go out and film with clients who have benefitted from your service. If you’re an accountant for example it may not be best to film in the office but interviewing happy clients, seeing how you’ve helped and why prospective clients should use you is a great way to sell your service.

We travel all over the UK to work with our clients and many of them require us to complete filming outside of the UK. We can arrange Skype calls to get us started if meeting in person is tricky and throughout the project we can keep you up to speed with what’s going on thanks to our well-oiled reviewing procedure.

We’re always only a call, email or a Skype away so you’ll still get the same great service even if you’re not close by.

It really depends on the project size and what the project involves but ultimately we’re led by you. We’ve had clients who need work filmed and edited the same day, and we can make that happen.

It comes down to preparation, once plans are discussed and in place we can give you an accurate assessment of when you can expect to receive your new content.

Yes, we hold public liability insurance to protect against any accidents. We’re also very careful and considerate and to date we’ve never had a need to use our insurance. 

No. We have a policy of fair pricing so what we agree from the outset is what you’ll pay as long as the project brief does not change.

As long as those individuals or, if appropriate the parents, guardians or carers have given permission for filming then, yes.

We’re DBS checked, public liability insured and confident working with chaperones while filming takes place. We also have lots of experience working with vulnerable people. Our approach is the same as always, we keep things fun, relaxed, well explained and allow plenty of time.

We can  from the production, either by identifying them with discrete wristbands and avoiding them during filming or blurring faces at the editing stage.

We’re able to completely cater to your requirements. We have equipment specifically chosen for it’s lightness and small form which does not mean compromising on quality. We can therefore operate on a very small footprint, usually one person with no more equipment than one person can carry.

In contrast, we’re also able to arrive as a large crew to complete large projects such as multi-camera filming, product shoots and green-screen.

Archiving is a key service that we offer and something which clients really appreciate. We will agree how long you would like us to hold raw footage and project files following the completion of your project, it can be anything from 6 months to indefinitely holding project files and it’s a very useful service for two main reasons;

Holding raw files means that if you require any quick changes or amendments then we’re able to help very easily. For example; an interviewee has changed their name, a product is no longer for sale, contact information needs changing – these are all typical requests and they’re made much simpler and cheaper to complete by us archiving your project.

Secondly, when you come to update your video or would like to produce something else, we’ll already have a head-start. This reduces costs, saves time and provides consistency to the look and standard of the content you’re releasing.  

If we’re just talking in terms of standard, then yes. All of our work is filmed to a British Broadcast Standard, that means that footage is filmed to a high standard and correct format on professional cameras and audio equipment and projects are edited to within brightness, colour and sound guidelines.

In terms of procedure, television requires you to get clearance before an advert is shown and documentaries require sign off from the channel. We have experience with both and can help with advert clearance and sign off depending on which channel you decide to approach for screenings. 

As for the video delivery, a key difference between television and social media is file size. For social media hosting you need your content to load quickly so that viewers are not put off by lagging or slow streaming. Again, we can help with this and solving that problem is as simple as delivering different versions of your content often at no extra charge. 

Yes, we keep detailed notes of every project and if there’s something you’d like us to keep under wraps then that’s fine by us. We’d love to promote your project through our channels once it’s been released but we certainly would not release anything or speak about your project until you’re ready to launch.

Yes we can. There’s a few ways of doing this, if your English language film features interviews or an English voice-over we can arrange for the translations to be written and subtitled into any language. Alternatively we can remove the English voice-over and replace it entirely with a native speaker voice-over artist in your chosen language. Thirdly, if your video features English interviews with no voice-over we can quieten the interview and dub with a voice-over in your chosen language as news reports do, and we can also entirely replace English text animations with text in the language of your choice.

These translations are accurate with a fast turnaround time. We can provide more information once we know your specific requirements. 

Who are we?

We simply and honestly believe we’re the best around – we work hard to make sure our clients are blown away by our work and would recommend us to everyone they know, and we’re thrilled to say they do

We’re Spark Film Production, based in Canterbury in Kent and we love nothing more than producing amazing video content for clients all over the UK, filming in locations all over the world. 

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